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TRESA Global collaborate with JJT to provide technical assistance, consultancy services, and innovative solutions aimed at enhancing educational programs, improving infrastructure, and empowering communities.

Key Deliverables Provided By Tresa Global:

  • Development of digital learning platforms tailored to the needs of JJT’s educational programs.
  • Implementation of data analysis tools to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of educational initiatives.
  • Infrastructure enhancements to improve the learning environment for students and teachers.
  • Training and capacity-building programs for JJT staff and volunteers to enhance their technological literacy and skills.


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Aims to provide comprehensive guidance on the management and operation of the Burma School Branch facility by TRESA Global, covering all essential aspects of facility management and school operations

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Successful Stories

Rubama Student

This is the story of orphan child Rubama.She is 5 years old. And she is the student of senior Montessori. Her father died when she was little. Then her mother marry with her younger uncle. Her step father name is Najeeb and he is a plumber. Rubama is living with her family. Rubama have 3 siblings. Rubama wants to be a teacher. And she has the strength to make her dreams true. She is an innocent child with great memory. JJT is best platform for her to achieve her goals. Her parents are fully satisfied from the school management and education.

Madiha Rafique Student

JJT's new shining star Madiha Rafique enter the school with alot of dreams and hopes. Our cute little student is 4 years old. Little Madiha is the student of Junior Montessori. From the very first day she came to school happily. She is decent girl. She doesn't talk too much but she is intelligent. Her father name is M.Rafique.She has 3 siblings, and she is living with her family in a rented house. Her parents are satisfied from the school management and staff.

Ali Abbas Student

Our migrated student Ali Abbas is the student of senior Montessori. He is 10 years old. His father name is Zaheer.Ali Abbas is migrated from Sindh due to several reasons. Ali Abbas’s father is a painter. He is living in rented house. He have 4 siblings,3 sis and 1 brother. In his family only his father is the bread earner.Ali Abbas wants to be a foji.He is a active student. He have potential to achieve his aims and JJT also helping in this aspect. JJT providing him free food and all the facilities which Ali Abbas deserves.

Muhammad Hassan Student

Muhammad Hassan is the student of JJT. He is 9 years old. He reads in grade one. His father name is Bashar khan. His father has kryana shop. Hassan have 6 siblings. Hassan is younger one. Hassan is a naughty boy. He has big dreams. He wants to be an army officer. Hassan is very inspire from the Pakistan's army and he said that he will become an army officer and will safe country from enemies. JJT helping him in achieving his innocent dreams.

Amna Student

Amna is a poor girl. She is 14 years old. She is studying at JJT in Senior Montessori.Amna's father is a weldor. And her mother is a maid in someone's home. She have 1 bro.She is living with her family in rented house. She is a good and sharp student. Amna is helping her teacher in little works. She said that she wants to be a teacher. Because she is inspired from her teachers. JJT helping her in all her dreams and goals.

Palwasha Nawab Student

Palwasha Nawab, from Peshawar, has 5 brothers and 5 sisters. Her father, Nawab Khan, single-handedly supports the family. Despite challenges, Palwasha, 15, values education. She attended Junior Jinnah Trust School since grade 1, excelling in computer science. Shy initially, she blossomed, now excelling in science and English. Participating in Naat competitions and badminton, her teachers praised her. Grateful for the school's support, she aims to become a teacher, crediting her success to her parents and teachers.

Sila Fayyaz Student

Sila Fayaz, hailing from Burma Town Islamabad but originally from Rawalpindi, faced challenges on her journey to school. However, her dreams came true when she enrolled in Junior Jinnah Trust School in Grade 4. She earned a scholarship from the Federal Board with 563 marks. Currently in Grade 6, Sila excels in English and science and enjoys playing badminton. With the support of her cooperative teachers and the school's resources, she aims to become an army officer, crediting her success to her parents and teachers.



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