TRESA’s global network of specialists are your partners in ensuring that you and your organization have the necessary skills and expertise to move your company ahead.

TRESA Academy Management Systems & Assurance Training

We assist our clients and their supply chain management in satisfying requirements, enhancing company processes and goods, and meeting expectations through our expert training services. International and regional regulatory advancements, customer and legal compliance needs, good manufacturing practices, quality management system certification, emerging technology and markets, sourcing and development requirements, and more are all covered in TRESA Academy courses.

The TRESA Academy offers courses in a number of formats, including:

  • eLearning that you can do on your own
  • TRESA┬ácentres across the world provide instructor-led programmes with specified dates, hours, and places.
  • Online classes with a live teacher
  • Customized training for your company, delivered on-site.

Our instructional offerings vary from one-hour introductory webinars to five-day IRCA-registered lead auditor seminars for people responsible for system deployment and auditing. These workshops, which are presented by professional expert auditors and educators, are designed to keep you up to date on the latest industry regulations and best practices.